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Country's first major road
The American Temperance Society sought to get rid of this
The founder of the Mormon religion
Created the mechanical reaper
Requiring that all currency in the United States be metal-based
The 'Father of the American Factory System'
Says the President can use the military to collect tariffs
Collection of women in New York to advocate for women's suffrage and women's rights in 1848
Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaws, etc.
Took over for Joseph Smith and moved the Mormom church to Utah to avoid persectuion
Andrew Jackson's VP who led the charge for nullification in South Carolina
Created an American Dictionary of the English Language
The Oneida Community is an example of the ______ societies created in the 1850s
Poet who showed the negative side of human nature that was a prevalent literary style in the mid-nineteenth century
Political ideology where the winner of an election cleans house and replaces government officials with his campaign supporters
Campaign slogan in 1840 for William Henry Harrison
Growing a crop not for food, but for profit.
Second religious revival in the United States. Leads to the creation and popularity of new denominations
A famine in this crop led to Irish immigration in the mid-nineteenth century
Belief that states could choose not to follow laws/tariffs that it did not agree with
President of the National Bank
Area of NY where Mormonism was founded. It got its name because of the 'religious fire' prevalent.
Connected the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. Clinton's Big Ditch
The Corrupt Bargain was made between John Quincy Adams and this person who became Secretary of State
State banks where Andrew Jackson diverted money from the federal banks to
Invented the steamboat. Leads to an increase in transportation ability
Seperated the Treasury from the National Bank
First American songwriter
Early reformer of American education
President and leader of the Texas Republic
Created the steel plow which led to an increase in agricultural production
First period of extreme nationalism under President James Monroe
Belief in an inner-light. Human beings are not born with a blank slate.
Famous transcendentalist writer.
Female reformer in the mid-nineteenth century who initally worked to improve conditions for the mentally insane
Women were to emobdy perfect virtue in all senses. They were to exhibit these virtues in the home. Sets up the idea of seperate spheres for men and women
Secret Irish American organization that mostly was made-up of coal miners
Transcendental author/abolitionist who went to jail for protesting the Mexican American war
Entity that Andrew Jackson hated and wanted destroyed
Democratic political machine in New York City that helped Irish immigrants assume power. Most famous leader was Boss Tweed
Mid-nineteenth century political party created solely to oppose immigration
Nickname for Andrew Jackson
Famous woman abolitionist and women's rights advocate
Given land to settle Texas by the Mexican government
The Tariff of 1828 was known as the Tariff of _____

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