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Demonstration led by the Sons of Liberty constumed as Indians to dump tea into Boston harbor.
Monarch during the American Revolutionary period
Older British commander who unsuccessfully tried to capture Fort Duquesne
First tax placed on the colonists that increased the duty placed on sugar imported from the West Indes
Required a government seal be placed on all written documents
Prime minister who believed the colonists should pay their fair share of their defense
Led the capture of Quebec
Local militiamen in Massachusetts
First French settlement in North America
Battle considered the turning point of the war because it convinced France to form an alliance with the colonies
Was originally created to redress colonial grievances
Colonists supportive of seceding from Britain
Drafted by the 1st Continental Congress to redress colonial grievances with King George III
Young French noble who was instrumental in securing aid from France
Claim by the colonists that the colonists used to justify the British taxes as unfair
Measures such as the closing of Boston Harbor designed to punish those responsible for the Boston Tea Party
Bloody Native American uprising that convinced the British of the need for troops in the New World
First battle of the French-Indian War and the site of George Washington's only surrender
Forbid colonial settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains
Claimed the Mississippi River basin for France
Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that argued it was obvious the colonies should secede from Britain
Considered the 'Father of New France' discovered Quebec in 1608
Group led by Samuel Adams that enforced non-importation agreements as well as spread colonial propaganda
Colonists who remained loyal to the British crown
Required American colonists to trade only with British merchants
The colonists' last ditch appeal for peace to King George III
Outnumbered American forces were able to hold off a more numerous British force until they ran out of supplies
Led the raftag American navy during the Revolutionary War
Treaty that ended the French and Indian War
German mercenaries hired by King George III
The groups responsible for distributing propaganda materiarls throughout the colonies
Site of first shots fired in the American Revolutionary War
Policy of the British government refusing to enforce their trade laws
Treaty ending the American Revolution in 1783
Given a monopoly to sell tea to the American colonies
Captured by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold in a surprise attack
Site of George Cornwallis' surrender
Written by Thomas Jefferson, it listed the colonial grievances to King George III
Agreements by colonists to collectively refuse to buy British products
Stated that the British Crown had the right to tax the colonists as it saw fit
This person sold the plans to West Point to the British
Conflict between American colonists and British soldiers guarding a customs house. 5 were killed.
Claim by the British government that by being British citizens the colonists were represented in Parliament
Named for a British prime minister. Put a small duty on glass, white lead, tea, paper, paint
Meeting organized by Benjamin Franklin in 1754 to get greater colonial cooperation during the French & Indian War. It was the first instance of colonial unity
American theatre of the Seven Years War
Organization that drafted the Olive Branch Petition and the Declaration of Independence
First time colonists collectively mounted opposition to the Crown's policies

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