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Loosening of religious laws in New England that allowed for church membership for thiose who weren't saved
Company who sells stock to investors in order to make a profit
Used land given to him by the King of England to set up a haven for Quakers
Franciscan friar who founded the mission chain in California
An uprising of backcountry farmers who voiced displeasure at the Native American attacks in Virginia
British explorer who reached Newfoundland
Church created by Henry VIII
English sea captain, privateer, pirate
Large Spanish battle fleet
Renaissance man instrumental in the development of Philadelphia
Founder of Georgia
Responsible for bringing tobacco to Virginia
Portugese explorer who was the first to go from Europe to India
The last Dutch director general of New Amsterdam
Spanish explorer who was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean
English explorer responsible for the founding of the Roanoke colony
Exchange of goods between Americas, Africa, and Europe
Maryland legislation that provided for freedom of worship for all denominations of Christianity
First explorer to circumnavigate the globe
First leader in Jamestown who instituted 'no work, no food' rule
Established freedom of the press in the American Colonies
The name of the part of the Triangle Trade where slaves were transported from Africa to the Americas
Created by Charles II to streamline the administration of the New England colonies
Influential French Protestant theologian
Spanish conquistador who explored the Southeastern United States
'The Virgin Queen' of England
Set up as a reformer colony for debtors and prisoners
Was responsible for conquering the Aztec Empire
Company in charge of settling the Jamestown colony
Religious revial that was the first mass movement in American history
Banished from the Plymouth colony for heretical teachings
America's first representative house of government
Collection of sayings on colonial virtues written by Benjamin Franklin
Movement in England of wealthy fencing in their property
First governor of the Plymouth colony
Believed in purifying the Church of England
Persecution of people accused of witchcraft in colonial New England
Papal treaty that separated the New World between Portugal and Spain
Catholic founder of the Maryland colony as a safe-haven for fellow Catholcis
Discovered and founded by Henry Hudson
Exiled from Plymouth for condemning the treatment of Native Americans
'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God'
Italian explorer who explored the Atlantic coast of North America for France
Claimed the entire Mississippi River basin for France
Believed that those who are saved should worship separately from those who are destined for Hell
Exchanged years of service for passage to the New World
First governing document of the Plymouth colony that set up majority rule
Virginia Indian who reportedly saved John Smith from execution
Spanish conquistador who visited New Mexico and other parts in Southwestern US
Controversial governor whose policies led to Bacon's Rebellion
Prominent traveling pastor during the Great Awakening

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