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QUIZ: Can you name the orders of Trilobite based on the description?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionOrderRange of Existence
Simple glabella that tapers anteriorly; glabellar furrows; large area in front of glabella; many thoracic segments; small pygidium
Glabella extends to anterior border of cephalon; opisthoparian suture; large pygidium
Box-like glabella; opisthoparian facial suture; 7-8 thoracic segments
Proparian facial sutures; many thoracic segments; lobed, furrowed glabella; could roll up and lock pygidium into cephalon
Opisthoparian; large, vaulted glabella; Isopygous; large, holochroal eyes; furrowed pygidium without spines
Large semi-circular cephalon; strong genal spines; marginal facial suture; large half-moon eyes; numerous thoracic segments
Broad, ornamented cephalic brim; horseshoe-shaped head shield; small eyes; many thoracic segments
Highly reduced pygidium; short thorax; Cephalon > 1/2 of body; broad ornamented cephalic brim; genal spines; blind/eyeless; marginal facial suture
Isopygous 'snowplow' cephalon and pygidium; large eyes; 6-9 thoracic segments
Button-shaped pygidium; isopygous cephalon and pygidium; eyeless/blind; widespread distribution
Large, smooth cephalon and pygidium; pygidium could be larger than cephalon; typified by 'shield shaped' forms

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