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Job descriptionJob title
Puts motion picture film from the manufacturer's light-tight canisters to the camera magazines, manages the inventory of film (often eliminated on small productions)
Responsible for the surface treatments of the sets, i.e. aging and gilding, painting faux- wood, stone, brick, stained glass.
Balances the dialogue, music, and effects, and finalizes the film's audio track.
Arranges casting and performance of stunts, works closely with the director.
Finds and manages all the props; usually has several assistants.
Applies and removes the 'dressing', i.e. furniture, drapery, carpets, doorknobs, wall sockets, etc.
Coordinates internal workings of the digital camera.
Head of the electrical department; designs and executes lighting plan for a production. Sometimes credited as 'chief lighting technician.'
Uses the camera at the direction of the cinematographer.
Keeps the camera in focus as it is shooting.
Often technicians in construction, plastics, machining, electronics.
Deals with landscape design of plant material.
Handles and trains animals.
Makes new clothing appear dirty, faded and worn.
Sets up and controls lighting equipment.
Employed on larger productions to manage the set costumes, and handle the star's wardrobe.
Designs, plans, and organizes the construction of garments, down to the fabric, colors, and sizes.
Carries out the instructions of the art director; often involves measuring locations, creating graphics and paper props, collecting information for the production designer
Chief assistant to the key grip; organizes grip equipment.
Operates a motion control rig, which essentially is a 'camera robot' able to consistently repeat camera moves for special effects use.
Usually an investor or just a credit that the filmmaker gave to someone.
Responsible for recording all sound during filming; involves choice and deployment of microphones, operating equipment, mixing of audio signals in real time.
Foreman of a 'gang' of carpenters and laborers.
Job descriptionJob title
Assembles the various shots into a coherent film, with the help of the director.
Draftsman, often an architect, who plans structures or interior spaces
Decorates set with furnishings and other objects.
Oversees the creative aspects of a film, ultimately subordinate to the film's producer or producers. Sometimes takes on many of the roles of the producer.
Usually synonymous with 'director of photography,' though some insist this only applies when the director of photography and camera operator are the same person.
Production manager but for second unit shooting.
Create the characters look for anyone appearing on screen. Some specialize in 'effects' make-up: monsters, aging, etc.
Fits or tailors costumes, usually on-set
Initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls matters such as raising funding, hiring key personnel and arranging for distributors.
Pulls cables, often acts as additional boom operator or mixer.
Chief of the camera and lighting crew of the film. Typically, the director tells this person how they want a shot to look and this person chooses the correct aperture, filter, and
Supervises the physical (not creative) aspects of the shooting: personnel, technology, budget, and scheduling. Also responsible for keeping film on schedule and budget.
Monitors the quality and continuity of costumes, and handle the star's wardrobe.
In charge of post-production sound; sometimes involves great creative license.
Writes the original music.
Creates the physical, visual appearance of the film - settings, costumes, properties, character makeup, etc.
Assembles and edits all dialog in the soundtrack, may supervise dubbing.
Assistant to the production sound mixer; uses a boom pole, a long pole made of light aluminum or carbon fiber that allows precise positioning of the microphone above or below the a
Operates the camera dolly; places, levels, and moves the dolly track, then pushes and pulls the dolly, and usually a camera operator and camera assistant as riders.
Works with composer, mixers, and editors to create and integrate the film's music. This person's primary responsibility is to negotiate the rights for non-original music.
Is the chief assistant of the 1st AD.
Assembles and edits all the sound effects.
Keeps track of what parts of the script have been filmed and makes notes of any deviations between what was actually filmed and what appeared in the script; notes are given to the
Job descriptionJob title
Organizes all logistics: hiring crew, renting equipment, etc.
Chief grip on a set; helps set up the set to achieve correct lighting and blocking.
Sources and purchases fabrics and garments, lead may personally hire one
Oversees the construction of all the sets.
Reports to the production designer; more directly oversees artists and craftspeople
Foreman of the sets crew, often referred to as the 'swing gang.'
Adjusts the color of the film via printer lights for greater consistency in the film's colors, uses digital tools in manipulating the image.
Assists with the design of the costumes, manage the wardrobe workspace, supervise construction or sourcing of garments.
A specialized props technician who deals with firearms.
In charge of the visual effects departments; creates post-production alterations to the film's images.
Maintains and styles hair, in conjunction with the makeup artist.
Illustrates visual representations to communicate the ideas of production designer.
Responsible for schedule, budget, efficiency of post production.
Assists the production manager and director, oversees day-to-day management of the cast and crew scheduling, equipment, script, and set.
Creates and records diegetic sound effects.
Chief assistant to the gaffer.
Combines images from different sources, such as film, CGI, and text.
Locates and then purchases or rents the set dressing and other objects.
Assists the 1st AD with set operations and general office tasks.
Artists draw/paint entire sets or extend portions of an existing set.
Operates the clapperboard at the beginning of each take and loads the raw film stock into the camera magazines, manages the inventory of film (often eliminated on small productions

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