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What is the name of Dennis and Dee's real father?
Who did Frank shoot while high on acid?
The actor posing as Tiger Woods in 'Franks Pretty Woman' previously appeared on what other episode?
Who did Gail the Snail give a 'handy' to underneath the table?
In what episode did the McPoyle Brothers originally appear?
Who is Frank's 'bang maid'?
What is Mac's dad's name?
What comedian was Dennis in rehab with?
What two members of the gang are married in real life?
What is the tranny's name?
In 'The Gang Hits The Road', where was the gang headed?
What present did the gang buy for Ben the Soldier?
What 'retarded' rapper did Dee date?
What was the name of Frank's former street gang?
What was Matthew 'Rickety Cricket' Mara's former profession?
What do Frank and Charlie eat to help them sleep?
Who owns the rights to the Kitten Mittons?
What drug did Dennis and Dee smoke in 'The Gang Goes to The Jersey Shore'?
In 'Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth' what movie did the gang create a sequel to?
Who is Mac's Hero?
What member of Frank's street gang dies on the doorstep of the businessman?
In 'Mac is a Serial Killer' what famous basketball player does the gang accuse Dee of looking like?
What does the gang drink to pregame the World Series?
What is the name of Charlie's play?
What did Rickety Cricket spend the gang's drug money on?
In 'The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis' what was Charlie's role in the gang?
What is the name of Dennis's memoirs?
What was Frank's proposed name for the band?
What was Mac's mob nickname?
Where did Mac and Charlie go to meet black people?

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