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Can you name those who suffered Hera's wrath?

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Sent the Sphinx to plague themForget to paid tribute to her
Killed her and threw her shade into TartarosSaid to be prettier than her
Made her quote the last words one said near or to herDistracted her to let Zeus run away with some nymphs
He would be dethroned by his nephewKilled his stepmother in her temple
Never give birth on any land terra firma Being Zeus' lover
Killed his wife and ruined his lifeBeing Aphrodite's Trojan son and the founder of Rome, which would destroy her city Carthage.
Turned her into a bear and almost tricked her son into killing herBeing Zeus' lover
Sent a swarm of bees and gadflies to sting herBeing Zeus' mistress
Poisoned their water supplyBeing Zeus' mistress and her son's people
Turned her into an Eurasian wryneckMaking Zeus fall in love with Io
Burned aliveBeing Zeus' lover
Made her go insane and try to bring famine to her peopleAdopted her nephew
Made him go insane and try to kill his familyAdopted his wife's nephew
Had him ripped apart by the TitansBeing Zeus' son
Made him go mad and kill his familyBeing Zeus' son
Sided with the Achaeans in the Trojan WarChoosing Aphrodite over her as the fairest goddess
Made her devour her childrenBeing Zeus' mistress
Turned her into a craneSaid to be prettier than her
Turned her into a tortoiseWas late to her wedding
Killed him and sunk his shipCalled his wife Hera as a pet name
Sent snakes to kill her sonsBeing Zeus' lover
Turned them into mountainsSaid they were greater than Zeus and Hera
Kidnapped himBeing Zeus' son
Tried to have Tityos or Python eat themBeing Zeus's kids

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