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Can you name the Symbols of the Greek Gods?

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Eagle, thunderbolt, oak treeKing of the gods
Bull, trident, pine treeKing of the seas
Peacock, scepter, golden applesQueen of the gods
Pig, cornucopia, poppyGoddess of the harvest
Raven, tripod, laurel treeGod of music
Bear, bow, cypress treeGoddess of the hunt
Owl, spear, oliveGoddess of wisdom
Vulture, sword, ash treeGod of war
Swan, mirror, roseGoddess of love
Turtle, winged helmet, strawberry treeMessenger of the gods
Crane, anvil, fennelBlacksmith of the gods
Dolphin, masks, grapesGod of winemaking
Donkey, hearth fire, lilacGoddess of the home
Ram, keys, mintKing of the Underworld
Deer, torch, pomegranateQueen of the Underworld
Dog, daggers, asphodelGoddess of the crossroads
Rooster, chariot, sunflowerGod of the sun
Lion, tambourine, silver firQueen of the Titans
Frog, veil, palm treeGoddess of motherhood
Goat, panpipes, reedsGod of the wild
Weasel, swaddling cloth, herbsGoddess of childbirth
Hare, bow, myrtle treeGod of lust
Dolphin, crown, seaweedQueen of the seas
Horse, tiara, saffronGoddess of the dawn
Serpent, staff, medicinal herbsGod of medicine
Lion, bow, olive treeGod of strength
Bull, torch, jasmineGoddess of the moon
Serpent, sickle, wheatKing of the Titans

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