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Can you name the characters of Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes and Percy Jackson's Greek Gods?

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Chapter NameCharacter
Gods: 'The Beginning and Stuff'
Gods: 'The Beginning and Stuff'
Gods: 'The Beginning and Stuff', 'The Golden Age of Cannibalism', 'The Olympians Bash Some Heads'
Gods: 'The Golden Age of Cannibalism'
Gods: 'The Golden Age of Cannibalism', 'The Olympians Bash Some Heads', '______ Kills Everyone'
Gods: '_________ Chooses Bachelor Number Zero'
Gods: '_______ Turns into Grainzilla', 'Persephone Marries Her Stalker (or, _________, The Sequel)'
Gods: '___________ Marries Her Stalker (or, Demeter, The Sequel)', 'Hades Does Home Improvement'
Gods: '______ Gets a Little Cuckoo'
Gods: 'Persephone Marries Her Stalker (or, Demeter: t, '_______ Does Home Improvement'
Gods: '_________ Gets Salty'
Gods: '________ Adopts a Hankerchief'
Gods: 'You Gotta Love ____________'
Gods: '___, The Manly Man's Manly Man'
Gods: '____________ Makes Me a Golden Llama (Not Really, But He Totally Should)'
Gods: '_____ Sings and Dances and Shoots'
Chapter NameCharacter
Gods: '_________ Unleashes the Death Pig'
Gods: '_______ Goes to Juvie'
Gods: '____________ Conquers the World With a Refreshing Beverage'
Heroes: '_______ Wants a Hug'
Heroes: '___________ Ninjas a Box of Beauty Cream'
Heroes: '__________ Fails Driver's Ed'
Heroes: '______ Invents the Amazons (With Free Two-Day Shipping!)
Heroes: '________ Invents Pretty Much Everything Else'
Heroes: '_______ Slays the Mighty—Oh, Look! A Bunny Rabbit!'
Heroes: '__________ vs. Three Pieces of Fruit: The Ultimate Death Match'
Heroes: 'Whatever It Is, ____________ Didn't Do It'
Heroes: '_______ Punches a Lion* (*No Actual Lions Were Harmed in the Making of This Myth)'
Heroes: '_______ Takes a Solo'
Heroes: '_______ Does Twelve Stupid Things'
Heroes: '________ Finds a Rug that Really Ties the Kingdom Together'

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