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ASky gods; Odin and his sons are from this tribe
BGod of light; slain by Loki
CThese drive Freyja's chariot
DOdin's ring
ENature spirits who serve Freyr; live in Alfheim
FGod of fertility and masculinity
GGoddess of plowing and prophecy
HRuler of the dead
IKeeper of the golden apples of youth
JThe frost-giants
KGod of poetic inspiration; preceded Brag
LGod of mischief and fire
MOdin's uncle; giant god of wisdom
NGod of seafaring
OThe all-father; god of the sky and death
PPoem that tells of the Norse creation and Balder's death
QFrigga's role
RGoddess of the seas; Heimdall's grandmother
SGoddess of hunting and winter
TThunder god
UGod of skiing and archery
VFertility gods; Njord and his children are from this tribe
WFenrir is this animal
XShape of the Norse rune Gebo, the equivalent of 'G'.
YThe world tree
ZRune known as Algiz or Elhaz

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