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Can you name the A-Z based off Chinese, Sumerian, Aztec, Japanese, Irish, and Indian mythologies?

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AJapanese sun goddess
BIndian creator god; husband to Saraswati
CChinese moon goddess; wife of Houyi
DIrish god of magic, masculinity, and fertility
ESumerian god of the oceans
FJapanese god of the winds
GSumerian demigod of strength
HSun god in Aztec mythology
ISumerian goddess of love and war
JBuddhist protector god in Japanese mythology; aka Kshitigarbha
KChinese god of literature and examinations
LIndian goddess of fortune and wealth; wife of Vishnu
MTriple goddess of war and fate in Irish mythology
NSumerian moon god; aka Sin
OJapanese god of farming, business, and medicine
PIndian love goddess; wife of Siva and mother of Kali and Durga
QChief Aztec god; aka Kukulkan
RIndian god of the hunt
SJapanese god of the sea and storms
TIrish god of thunder
USumerian god of justice and the sun
VIndian god of protection and good; his ten avatars include Krishna and Rama
WChinese god of herbal medicine and agriculture; aka Shennong
XAztec god of dogs and lightning
YJade Emperor in Chinese mythology
ZSumerian god of messengers and dreams

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