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Can you name these demigods and heroes from Greek mythology?

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Huntress who never wanted to wed
Greek hero who died after Paris shot his heel
Son of Zeus who completed twelve tasks
Son of Apollo and god of the medical arts
Prince of Iolcos who sailed on the Argo
Son of Poseidon who slew the Chimera
Lebanese prince who founded Thebes
King of Athens who killed the Minotaur
Son of Zeus who slew Medusa
King of Ithaka who was away from home for twenty years
Giant cousin of Achilles who committed suicide after his death
Cousin and lover of Achilles
Champion of the Trojans who was killed by Achilles
Hero who killed the Calydonian Boar
Mortal son of Leda and Zeus
Immortal son of Leda and Zeus
King of Mycenae and brother of Menelaos
King of Sparta and husband of Helen
Lapith heroine who had children with both Apollo and Ares
Princess of Crete who married Dionysos
Princess of Ethiopia and wife of Perseus
Prophetess who loved and was cursed by Apollo
Son of Agamemnon who killed his mother
Son of Odysseus and Penelope
Loyal wife of Odysseus and mother of Telemakos
Daughter of Oedipus and his mother
Hero who solved the Sphinx's riddle
Son of Kalliope who went to the Underworld to retrieve his wife's soul
Hunter who was loved by both Eos and Artemis
Founder of the Amazons and mortal wife of Ares
Queen of the Amazons who married Theseus
King of Pherae whose wife's soul was brought back by Herakles
Queen of Pherae whose soul was brought back by Herakles
Greek hero who wounded Ares and Aphrodite during the Trojan War
Son of Apollo who was slain by Achilles
Son of Zeus who was killed by Achilles
Priestess of Hera who was transformed into a white cow
Wife of Eros and goddess of the human soul
Prophet who aided the Greeks during the Trojan War
The Oracle at Delphi
Blind prophet who Odysseus met while in the Underworld
First woman who caused sin to come into the world
Son of Oileus who Athene killed while attempting to rape Kassandra
Husband of Atalanta who, along with her, was turned into a lion by Rheia.
Daughter of Zeus whose abduction caused the Trojan War
Son of Tantalos who founded the Olympics
Son of Zeus who fed his son to Demeter
Trojan prince who became Zeus' cupbearer
King of Elis who was loved by Selene
Athenian craftsmen who created the Labyrinth
Son of Kleio loved by both Apollo and Zephyros
Mortal loved by both Persephone and Aphrodite
Founder of Rome and son of Aphrodite
Trojan prince who abducted Helen and killed Achilles
King of the Lapiths who fought in the Centauromachy.
Queen of the Amazons who succeeded Hippolyte
Son of Antiope and Zeus
Son of Antiope and Zeus
Mother of Amphion and Zethus by Zeus
Amazon queen who Achilles fell in love with
King of Aeolia and keeper of the winds
King of Pylos who fought in the Trojan War
Son of Hippolyte or Antiope and Theseus
Mother of Ariadne by Minos and daughter of Helios
Nephew of Herakles who aided him during his second labor
Ally and armor bearer of Herakles
Father of Ajax the Great and ally of Herakles
Son of Helios who rode the chariot of the sun
Stepfather of Herakes and father of Iphicles by Alkmene
Prophet who aided the Argonauts
Prince of Troy killed by Achilles
Son of Helios and king of Colchis
Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra

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