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AHer fourth album
BSexual orientation; meaning of 'Poker Face'
CHer role in American Horror Story: Hotel
DFeaturing R. Kelly or Christina Aguilera
EBorn This Way song written about her grandfather
FHer debut album
GI don't wanna be alone forever...
HI've had enough, this is my prayer; That I'll die livin' just as free as my...
IYou got me wondering why...
JHer first song ever
KHe was so were a perfect illusion.
LI wanna take a ride on your disco stick...
MYou're giving me a ________ ________ to let you go.
NSong with Tony Bennett
OHer song, Til It Happens To You, was nominated for one
PI'll follow you until you love me...
QI can be ______ you need me to be
RShe played the goddess Scathach in this season of American Horror Story
SHer birth name
TFeaturing Beyonce
UHighway __________ (Road to Love)
VSong from ARTPOP; Gaga's favorite goddess
WShe sang this Bing Crosby song in A Very Gaga Holiday
XCensored title of Sexxx Dreams
YSomethin' about my cool Nebraska guy
ZShe says his name at the end of G.U.Y.

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