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SummaryAnswerJapanese Name
A red monster that licks up filth in toilets垢嘗
A large-scrotumed raccoon-like monsterたぬき
A pop-up that kills anyone who clicks offレッドルーム
The story of a taxi driver and a murderous ghost骨女
A school bus-driver tells the teachers and students a scary tale and the police find them dead in a ditch牛頭
A three-legged doll that cuts off girls' legs and replaces them with a fatal leg of violet.リカちゃん
A boy is haunted by a woman's scythe-carrying ghost who was sliced in twoテケテケ
A girl's ghost from WWII haunts the third stall in a school bathroomトイレのはなこさん
SummaryAnswerJapanese Name
A masked ghost who offers men a choice of death when they run out of toilet paper.赤マント
A masked woman who haunts children on their way home from school.口裂け女
A turtle-like creature that rips out a man's intestines from his anus as he relieves himself in the woods.かっぱ
A hairy hand touches a samurai's buttocks as he uses the toilet and is dismembered, only to have its owner come to his house wanting it backくろて
A mysterious woman asks a traveler to carry her baby, only for it to be revealed as a stone which crushes him, which allows the woman to drink his blood.ぬれおんな
A mischevous fox-like man with many tails that can shape shift and play harmless tricks.きつね
A dismembered girl haunts public toilets asking for her legs.鹿島玲子
A woodcutter finds out his wife is the same spirit that slew his master.雪女

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