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Can you name the thirty mortal heroes and divinities from various religions?

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TitleDeity/MortalExtra info
Japanese sun goddessOne of her brothers tried to kill her, and the other married her.
Celtic god of the sky and warfareFathered the hero Cú Chulainn
Egyptian goddess of magic and healingMother to Heru and sister-wife to Usir
Greek goddess of wisdom and warfareBorn from Zeus' skull and patroness of Athens
Japanese god of the seaDepicted as a blue dragon
Chinese goddess of the moonMarried to the archer Hou-Yi
Son of the Hawaiian shark god Kamohoali'iHalf-shark hero of Waipio Valley
Norse goddess of war and loveTwin to Frey and daughter of Njord
Babylonian hero known for his Mesopotamian epicSon of the protector goddess Ninsuna
Strongest hero in Roman mythologyCompleted twelve tasks
Egyptian god of the sky Falcon-faced deity who battled his uncle Set
Babylonian goddess of love and fertilityFell in love with the shepherd Tammuz
Japanese heroine born from a bamboo stalkFrom the folktale 'The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter'
Greek hero who built the Trojan HorseProtagonist of Homer's 'Odyssey'
Norse trickster godWed three goddesses and killer of the god Balder
TitleDeity/MortalExtra info
Cheif god in Chinese mythologyThe Koreans called him Hwanin and the Buddhists called him Sakra
Heroine of the Celtic folktale 'Tochmarc Étaíne'Sometimes referred as the demigoddess of the sun
Celtic goddess of deathMerged figure of the goddesses Macha, Badb Catha, and Nemain
Demigod hero from Hawaiian mythologyPlayed by Dwayne Johnson in Disney's Moana
Roman god of the UnderworldKidnapped Proserpina to make her his bride
Aztec hero and lover of IztaccíhuatlHe and Itza turned into mountains after their deaths
Aztec god of wisdom and the windsDepicted as a feathered snake
Egyptian god of the sunSupreme deity who ruled over all gods
Norwegian hero from the Völsunga sagaKilled the dragon Fafnir
Babylonian god of fertility and the oceansFather of the god Marduk
Hawaiian goddess of volcanoesLover of the hog-man Kamapua'a
Roman goddess of beauty and loveBorn from the sea foam and mother to Cupid
Stone Monkey King in Chinese mythologyero Hero of 'Journey to the West'
Aztec goddess of flowers and danceMother of Quetzalcoatl and wife to many deities
King of the Greek godsFather to many heroes and gods

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