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The first being Waters of chaos
From him came the creatorA messenger god
Who was fused with the sun godHawk-headed god
From his spit came the goddessMoisture goddess
Her brother and husband wasGod of the air
Who lifted up his daughterSky goddess
Sister and wife to the earthDepicted with a goose of his head
Father of the Underworld deityHolds the crook and flail
Husband toGoddess of wisdom and magic
Mother ofGod of the heavens
Who battledGod of the desert
Who marriedGoddess of childbirth
The mother ofGod of mummies
His daughter was the demonHas a crocodile's head, lion's foreparts, and a hippo's behind
Who devoured heart that were heavier than the feather ofGoddess of cosmic balance
Mother ofGoddess of writing
Daughter/consort toGod of wisdom
Who gambled moonlight from Moon god
Son of the chief godMerged with Ra
Husband toQueen of the gods
Who was fused with the cow goddessGoddess of love and music
Who was also merged with the hippo goddessGoddess of pregnancy
Wife toGod of mothers and children
A household god like the cat goddessGoddess of joy and family
Mother of the war godShown with a lion's head
Son of God of craftsmen
Who married the lion goddessGoddess of war
Her son was the lotus godGod of beauty and health
A medicine god like the scorpion goddessProtects people from scorpion bites and stings
Daughter of the ram godGod of the potter's wheel
Who also fathered the river goddessShown with a crown of ostrich plumes
Daughter of Hunter goddess
Her sister-wife was the mother goddessGoddess of weaving and archery
Her son was the Nile godHas a crocodile's head
Brother to the snake godGod of darkness
Who battles the sun god#3
Who was merged with the creater god#2
Who emerged from the waters of#1

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