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AGoddess of retribution; has a crocodile's face, lion's front half, and a hippo's rear
BCat goddess
CSobek has the head of one
DThe Egyptian Underworld
ESet robbed Horus of this body part
FHeket had the head of a ______
GGod of the earth
HCow goddess
IGoddess of fertility and magic
JAnubis had a ______'s head
KRam-headed god of the potter's wheel
LSekhmet had the head of a _______
MQueen of the gods; wife of Amun-Ra
NSky goddess
ORuler of the afterlife
PCraftsman god of Memphis
QFalcon son of Horus; guards the mummy's intestines
RChief god
SGoddess of hunting; wife of Khnum
TIbis-headed god of writing
URabbit goddess
VNekhbet has the head of _________
WSerpent goddess of Lower Egypt
XMedicine god mentioned Ebers Papyrus
YAnubis' wife; also known as Anput
ZGreek counterpart of the god Amun

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