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Can you name the dark origins of Disney movies?

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Secondary villain mutilate themselves for a man
Villain is tortured by her stepson-in-law in front of her stepdaughter.
Hero is blinded
Protagonist has his friends destroy a village
Heroine is tortured while dancing
Protagonist accidentally kills their love interest
7-year-old protagonist is hunted down by their stepmother
Protagonist is kidnapped after birth
Villain wishes to eat their stepchild's organs
Protagonist is abusive toward animals
Villagers tortures protagonist's adoptive family
Heroine commits suicide after her love interest marries another
Protagonist's savior is a necrophile
Heroine's tongue is cut out
Protagonist is save by her illegitimate children and not her love interest.
Protagonist isn't saved by true love's first kiss
Protagonist's savior commits somnophilia
Heroine's father dies after the climax
Love interest kills the villain
Heroine doesn't save her love interest
Heroine in film is actually a villain
Heroine kills herself to avoid becoming a sex slave
Villain's brother kills an old woman before he's killed by the hero
Heroine dies while returning her homeland
'Heroine' kidnaps a boy is WAY out of her league to be her consort/
Protagonist is a teen mom
Heroine endures torture and strife to rescue her friend
Secondary villains are blinded
Heroine's sisters wish for her love interest to kill her
Primary protagonist is chased to death by his so-called friend
Hero kills his adoptive father
Heroine's love interest attempts to murder her father
Heroine is wrongfully killed
Secondary protagonist is shot by his master
Hero kills his uncle
Hero dies with his love interest
Hero sends his friends to their deaths
Protagonist murders his closest adviser
The hero's girlfriend and mother die
Protagonist gets his father arrested

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