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Can you name the Greek mythological figures from the letter that name starts with according to the Greek alphabet?

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Goddess of wisdom and warAlpha (Aα)
Rode PegasosBeta (Bβ)
Mother EarthGamma (Γγ)
Corn goddessDelta (∆δ)
God of loveEpsilon (Eε)
King of the godsZeta (Zζ)
Complete 12 laborsEta (Hη)
Killed the MinotaurTheta (Θθ)
Flew to close to the sunIota (Iι)
King of the TitansKappa (Kκ)
Mother of Apollo and ArtemisLambda (Λλ)
Gorgon slain by PerseusMu (Mμ)
Fell in love with his reflectionNu (Nν)
Brother of Balios and steed of AchillesXi (Ξχ)
Solved the Sphinx's riddleOmicron (Oο)
God of the wildPi (∏πϖ)
Queen of the TitansRho (Pρ)
Pushes rock up a hillSigma (∑ςσ)
Not allowed to drink or eatTau (Tτ)
Titan of light and father to Eos, Selene, and HeliosUpsilon (Yυ)
Son of Helios who drove his chariotPhi (Φϕφ)
Centaur who taught heroes like Asklepios and Jason.Chi (Xχ)
Wife of Eros and goddess of the soulPsi (Ψψ)
Hunter loved by ArtemisOmega (Ωω)

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