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God of
One of his Latin (Roman) names
One of his symbols
One of his sacred plants
One of his sacred animals
Nine lovers and attendants
Male lover
Male lover
Son by Koronis
His nymph crush
His nymph stalker who became a heliotrope
Son by Kalliope
Son by Kalliope, Ourania, or Terpsikhore
Children by Thaleia
Twin sister
Son by Kyrene
Son by Kyrene
Son by Khione
HintAnswerExtra Info
The Trojan princess he loved
Lover from Thessaly
Lover from the Lapith tribe
Name means
Satyr that challenged him to a music contest
Son by Manto
Serpent slayed by him
Gigante slayed by him
Daughter of Tiresias loved by Apollo
Aunt whom he unsuccessfully wooed
Half-sister whom he unsuccessfully wooed
Son who Aphrodite turned into a boar
Son by Klymene
Seven daughters by Klymene
God he replaced in Hellenistic times
Queen of Troy loved by him
Athenian princess loved by Apollo
Son by Kreousa
His first lover who prophesied to mortals
Slew the seven sons of this woman

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