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Goddess ofAlso goddess of lust, youth, procreation, sex, desire, reproduction, pleasure, fertility, gardens, passion, and childbirth.
Name meansAccording to her origin in Hesiod's Theogony
Father (according to Homer)King of the gods
Mother (according to Homer)Shares her name with Tantalos' wife
Mother (according to Hesiod)Mother Earth
Father (according to Hesiod)Father Heaven
Latin (Roman) NameThe _____ de Milo or Sandro Botticelli's Birth of _______
HusbandGod of fire
Brother-in-Law/LoverGod of war
LoverMessenger of the gods
LoverGod of wine
LoverGod of the seas
Son by AresGod of terror
Son by AresGod of longing
Son by AresGod of fear
Son by AresGod of desire
Son by AresGod of requited love
Son by either Hermes, Zeus, Hephaistos, Ouranos, Dionysos, or mostly likely AresGod of passion and lust
Daughter by AresGoddess of retribution
Daughter by AresGoddess of concord
Son by HermesGod of unions and sexuality
Daughter by HermesGoddess of luck and fortune
Daughter by DionysosGoddess of meditation and revelry
Son by DionysosGod of fertility
Son by DionysosGod of marriage
Daughter by AdonisNursemaid of Semele
Son by AdonisFounder of the Cyprian Golgi
Son by AnkhisesFounder of Rome
Son by AnkhisesPrince of Dardania
Son by BoutesKing of Sicily
Son by PhaonPrince of Syria
Mortal loverArgonauts she saved from the Sirens
Mortal loverSon of Eos and Kephalos
Son by DionysosGod of the Orphic Mysteries
Daughter by PoseidonGoddess of the isle of Rhodes
Daughter by PoseidonDelphic priestess
Daughter by an unknown fatherGoddess of seduction
One of her sacred animalsAll animals were sacred to her
One of her sacred plantsAll plants were sacred to her
One of her symbolsHer symbols mainly revolved around beauty

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