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Can you name the 5 biggest modern day metros built on land either already entirely ruled by these people's states when they took power or completely captured by their armies during their reigns?

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Some of these people held positions of power in multiple states, in those cases the conquests of all those states are counted.
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Victoria (British Queen)
Kublai Khan (Yuan Emperor)
Catherine (Russian Empress)
Philip II (Iberian King)
Al-Walid I (Umayyad Caliph)
Qianlong (Qing Emperor)
Leopold II (Belgian King)
Adolf Hitler (German Dictator)
Darius I (Persian King)
Hirohito (Japanese Emperor)
Claudius (Roman Emperor)
Choe Chung-heon (Korean Ruler)
Alexander III (Macedonian King)
Suleiman I (Ottoman Sultan)
Akbar (Mughal Emperor)
Augustine I (Mexican Emperor)
Rajendra Chola I (Chola King)
Timur (Chagatai Amir)
Genghis (Mongol Khan)
Nizam al-Mulk (Seljuq Vizier)
Attila (Hunnic King)
William III (Dutch Stadtholder)
Canute (Viking King)
Napoleon I (French Emperor)
Pachacuti (Incan Sapa)
Sigismund III (Swedish King)
Charlemagne (Frankish Emperor)
Teddy Roosevelt (US President)
Ramesses II (Egyptian Pharaoh)
Genseric (Vandal King)

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