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Can you name these terms related to the Wars of Scottish Independence which begin with the letters A-Z?

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___ Alliance - Term for the Relationship between Scotland and France when England aimed to conquer both realms.A
Battle of ________ - 1314 Landmark Scottish Victory.B
________ Castle - Building in Ulster where Edward Bruce declared himself King of Ireland in 1315.C
The ______ - Term for the Exiled Scottish nobles whose 1332 English backed invasion of Scotland started the Second War.D
___ I of England - King who invaded and then conquered Scotland in 1296, starting the Wars of Independence.E
Battle of ____ - 1298 English Victory.F
_____ of Scotland - Title for the Regents who ruled the Scottish rebels during the time of English Rule.G
______ - Northeast Port City repeatedly sacked by the Scots during their raids into England.H
__ of Man - Crown dependency captured by the Scottish from the English in 1313.I
__ Balliol - King of Scotland between the years of 1292 and 1296 who only ruled as a puppet of the English King.J
____ of Scotland - Country that won its independence in these warsK
English _____ - Key Weapon used by the English and Welsh during these wars.L
__ Gibson - Actor and Director who made the oscar winning film 'Braveheart' about these wars.M
Treaty of Edinburgh–_____ - 1328 agreement that ended the First War of Independence.N
Battle of __ Byland - Scottish Victory during the Great Raid which saw Scottish troops defeat English troops deep into Yorkshire.O
__ John XXII - Powerful clergyman to whom the Scottish nobles addressed the Declaration of Arbroath, which asked for his recognition of their independence.P
___ Isabella - Wife of Edward II forced to flee from England in 1322 due to being cut off by the Scottish Invasion.Q
___ the Bruce - Scottish leader who was crowned King in 1306 and signed the 1328 peace treaty that ended the first war.R
Battle of ____ Bridge - Scottish victory of 1297.S
____ of Berwick - 1357 agreement that ended the Second War of Independence.T
__ - What Thomas of Brotherton was to Edward III, who he helped place on the throne by overthrowing Edward II.U
Scottish _____ - Ultimate result of the Wars of Independence.V
William _____ - Scottish leader executed in 1305.W
Alfonso _ of Castile - Spaniard whom James Douglas fought alongside attacking Andalusian Muslims so he could carry the heart of his King on Crusade.X
__ - Northern City which became the center of Royal administration during the years in which the King was campaigning in Scotland.Y
_____ or Shetland Islands - Subarctic archipelago controlled by Magnús Jónsson, a signatory to the Declaration of Arbroath, which declared Scottish independence.Z

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