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Can you name these terms related to the Norse people of the medieval era which begin with each of the 26 letters?

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____ Caliphate - Empire which traded with the Vikings and whose diplomat is one of our main sources on their culture.A
____ Empire - Middle Eastern Empire which the Vikings raided, traded with and worked for.B
__ the Great - North Sea Emperor who was King of Denmark, England, Norway and Southern Sweden.C
Kingdom of ___ - Viking City State on the east coast of Ireland.D
Leif ____ - Norse explorer from Iceland who was the first known European to have set foot on continental North America.E
___ - Verb for the ritual, poetic exchange of insults practised by the norse between the 5th and 16th centuries.F
____ - Landmass first settled by Eric the Red in 982.G
Great ____ Army - Coalition of Norse warriors which conquered most of England in 865.H
____ - Island first settled by the Norse in 874.I
___ - Norse name for the City of York, the capital of Scandinavian Northumbria.J
__ - City in the Ukraine that became the center of Norse activity in the Rus.K
____ - Type of specialised Viking warship used in raids.L
L'Anse aux ____ - Archaeological site in Newfoundland, Canada where evidence of a Norse presence was discovered.M
Duchy of ____ - Area of Northern France given to Viking Raiders in 911.N
Gorm the __ - First historically known Knig of Denmark and father of Harald Bluetooth.O
___ - Modern Country where the semi-legendary Viking stronghold of Jomsborg is thought to have been.P
___ Gunnhild - Quasi-historical figure who appears in the Icelandic Sagas, according to which she was the wife of Eric Bloodaxe.Q
___ - Semi Historical founding chieftain of the Rus.R
___ - City in the Emirate of Córdoba which was the site of a major battle between Viking and Muslim forces in 844.S
__ - Hammer-wielding Norse God associated with thunder and lightning.T
_____ - Term from the early Rus' states used to refer to those who led the Viking-like life of fighting, killing, and robbery.U
____ Guard - Elite unit of the Emperors guard in Constantinople made up of Norse mercenaries.V
Glima _____ - Type of unarmed martial art practiced as sport and combat by the Norse.W
Eric _ of Sweden - King of Sweden also known as Eric the Survivor.X
_____ Edda - Term for the Old Norse work of literature written in Iceland during the early 13th century that is otherwise known as the Prose Edda or Snorri's Edda.Y
____ or Shetland Islands - Subarctic archipelago colonised by the Norse in the 8th century and used as a base for Viking raids on the British Isles.Z

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