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Can you name these terms related to the Māori people which begin with each of the 26 letters?

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_______ - Māori name for North Island, commonly used to refer to the country as a whole.A
___ massacre - 1809 incident when around 70 Australians were killed and eaten by the Māori.B
Māori migration ___. - According to folklore, the ships that first bought the Māori to North and South Island from polynesia in the 13th century.C
Alan ___ - Part Māori author of 'Once Were Warriors' about domestic abuse in an urban Māori family.D
_______ Maori - Otherwise known as Pākehā Maori, examples of this group include Barnet Burns and Jacky Marmon.E
Tā moko ____ Tattoo - Permanent markings used as a as a sign of cultural identity.F
Sir George ___ - Influential British governor who launched the 1863 Invasion of the Waikato.G
___ - Ceremonial dance or challenge performed by the All Blacks rugby union team before Matches.H
____ Matiu Ratana - First Māori woman to be elected to Parliament.I
___ Fett - Star Wars character played by Māori actor Temuera Morrison.J
Māori ___ Movement - North Island social movement aimed at creating a Māori alternative government.K
___ confiscations - Controversial 1860s punishment of rebellious tribes by the British Government.L
____ people - Indigenous people of the Chatham Islands exterminated and enslaved by Māori invaders in the 1830s.M
Sir Āpirana ___ - Māori politician and lawyer who served in Parliament for 38 years.N
Battle of ____ - Battle between the British and the Māori also known as Rewi's Last Stand.O
____ Wars - Alternate name for the Musket Wars, a series of as many as 3,000 battles and raids fought between Māori tribes thanks to new weapons and food being introduced.P
Māori ___. - Title held by Te Atairangikaahu from 1966 to 2006.Q
Thor: ______. - 2017 superhero movie directed by Taika Waititi.R
Lyric ___ - Voice of the Opera singer, Kiri Te Kanawa.S
___ Horrid Practice - Controversial 2008 non-fiction book about the history of human cannibalism among the Māori.T
Te __ Haumēne - Prophet who founded the Pai Mārire or Hauhau religion.U
_____ - Concept forbidden by Nunuku's Law of Pacifism which was practiced on the Chatham Islands.V
Treaty of _____ - Landmark treaty between the British Crown and Māori chiefs.W
___ Warrior Princess - American TV series filmed in New Zealand which used many Māori actors in minor roles.X
Last Born (_____ Child) - Nickname of Māui, the Māori culture hero and trickster.Y
New _____ Wars - Series of armed conflicts that took place from 1845 to 1872 between the Māori and British Settlers.Z

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