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QUIZ: Can you name the films in the IMDB top 250 where more female actors had a credited role than male actors?

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There are some oddities excluded/included. This is because it treats all credited actors the same, no matter the size of their role. A film with three credited actors, where the male one has 8,000 lines of dialogue and is in every scene, while both the female actors get one scene and no dialogue each would count by this definition. Whereas a film with that same scenario reversed wouldn't. A better quiz would count up all female dialogue vs all male dialogue but that information isn't readily available.
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281954 (Grace Kelly)
412001 (Rumi Hiiragi)
561999 (Annette Bening)
871975 (Connie Booth)
1011988 (Ayano Shiraishi)
1271957 (Bibi Andersson)
1601988 (Noriko Hidaka)
1802001 (Maggie Gyllenhaal)
1861966 (Bibi Andersson)
1892010 (Natalie Portman)
1951963 (Claudia Cardinale)
2371968 (Mia Farrow)
2502011 (Emma Stone)

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