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Can you name the people who aren't Kofi Annan to fit these categories?

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Secretary-Generals of the United Nations
Nobel peace laureates of the 2000s
2000 (South Korea) 
2002 (USA) 
2003 (Iran) 
2004 (Kenya) 
2005 (Egypt) 
2006 (Bangladesh) 
2007 (USA) 
2008 (Finland) 
2009 (USA) 
15 most famous people born in Ghana according to famousbirthdays.com
1st: Wrestler 
2nd: Comedian 
3rd: Comedian 
4th: Singer 
5th: Singer 
6th: Singer 
7th: Singer 
8th: Singer 
9th: Footballer 
10th: Actor 
11th: Actress 
12th: Singer 
13th: Actress 
15th: Social media Star 
15 most famous people born in Ghana according to MIT's 'Pantheon' project
2nd: Politician 
3rd: Politician 
4th: Footballer 
5th: Footballer 
6th: Politician 
7th: Footballer 
8th: Footballer 
9th: Wrestler 
10th: Footballer 
11th: Footballer 
12th: Footballer 
13th: Politician 
14th: Footballer 
15th: Footballer 
Leaders of Major Countries and Organisations at the time of the September 11 terrorist attacks
President of the EU 
Chairperson of the Organisation of African Unity 
Secretary-General of the Arab League 
Head of the Commonwealth of Nations 
Secretary General of NATO 
President of the United States 
General Secretary of the Communist Party of China 
President of Russia 
Prime Minister of India 
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 
Prime Minister of Japan 
President of France 
Chancellor of Germany 
President of South Africa 
Prime Minister of Canada 

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