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Area DescriptionNumber
frontal. precentral gyrus. motor.
frontal. superior frontal gyrus. supplemental motor.
frontal. middle frontal gyrus. frontal eye fields
frontal. inferior frontal gyrus. Broca's for speech production.
parietal. postcentral gyrus. somatosensory.
parietal. superior parietal lobule. somatosensory.
parietal. supramarginal gyrus. interrelation of auditory, visual, and somatosensory information
parietal. angular gyrus. reception of visual information important for reading, names, and objects
temporal. transverse temporal gyrus, deep to the lateral fissure. primary auditory cortex
temporal. superior temporal gyrus. Wernicke's speech area
occipital. inferior portion of the occipital lobe on the lateral brain surface. for visual association
occipital. on either side of the calcarine fissure. the site of the primary visual cortex

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