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1st part of the lyriclyricartist
Let em say, say whatever..T.I./Big Kuntry/Brandon (9)
I got summer hatin on me cuz I'm hotter than the sun..Lil Wayne/Jay-Z (10)
They dont want to turn the speakers up..Lil Wayne/Jay-Z/T.I./Kanye (6)
Black boy white boy swag..Young Dro/Young LA (5)
This is how we do it where im from..Big Tymers (9)
She want me..Drumma Boy (3)
Go girl it's your birthday..Trey Songz/Fabulous (6)
Hey girl what up? No I'm not gone make a sceneNew Boyz (12)
Go hard todayFabolous (9)
I lean, I rock, I jig, I you..Soulja Boy (8)
Friday is yatch day you and all your friends..Gorilla Zoe (10)
Dog its a mystery, how we drop one single..J-Kwon (9)
Dont go hard cuz imma go hard..Wiz Khalifa (6)
Women lie men lie but..Yo Gotti/Lil Wayne (4)
We throwin money..Gucci Mane/Sean Garret (6)
1st part of the lyriclyricartist
He can make them look like posers..Drake/Lil Wayne/Eminem/Kayne (8)
You did it to yourself..Gorilla Zoe (5)
Do the ricky bobby..B Hamp (5)
Beat that thing up have you feelin go numb mommy..Jay Lyriq (10)
Down south hit the chrome mouthChamillionaire/Ludacris/The Game (7)
I put my hand up on your hip..69 Boyz (7)
Weezy F baby baby I keep my shoes clean..Lil Wayne (8)
I'm all about my chips..Lil Wayne/Fat Joe/The Game (3)
She look so good..Huey (5)
I wanna see his momma eyes...Rick Ross/Akon (9)
5 in the morning..Boyz N Da Hood (4)
Small faced hundred, 94 money..Shawty Lo (7)
I am so retarded with a spit..Chris Brown/Kanye West (6)
I got 5th in my champagne bottle..Flo Rida (10)
and 6 albums later youll deposit every wordLudacris/Lil Wayne (10)

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