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Can you name the Superstars and Divas who have competed in all of WWE's Big Four Events?

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First Big 4 EventWrestler/DivaMost Recent Big 4 Event
Royal Rumble 1995Wrestlemania XIV
Survivor Series 1987 Wrestlemania X-Seven
Summerslam 1999 Royal Rumble 2013
Survivor Series 2010Royal Rumble 2013
Summerslam 1996Royal Rumble 2002
Wrestlemania XXVRoyal Rumble 2012
Survivor Series 1990Royal Rumble 2006
Survivor Series 1988Survivor Series 1989
Wrestlemania IWrestlemania VI
Survivor Series 1987Survivor Series 1990
Wrestlemania IVSummerslam 1990
Survivor Series 1987Survivor Series 1995
Summerslam 1988Royal Rumble 1995
Summerslam 1993Wrestlemania XV
Royal Rumble 2003Wrestlemania 2000
Summerslam 2007Wrestlemania XXVIII
Survivor Series 1991Royal Rumble 1993
Summerslam 1988Royal Rumble 2002
Wrestlemania XVRoyal Rumble 2013
Summerslam 1993Royal Rumble 2004
Survivor Series 1991Royal Rumble 1993
Summerslam 2001Wrestlemania XXVIII
Survivor Series 1987Survivor Series 1990
Wrestlemania 13Wrestlemania XXV
Wrestlemania IISummerslam 2010
Wrestlemania IIRoyal Rumble 2000
Summerslam 2002Summerslam 2012
Wrestlemania IWrestlemania IX
Survivor Series 1999Summerslam 2004
Survivor Series 1997Royal Rumble 2003
Royal Rumble 1989Wrestlemania X-Seven
Survivor Series 2004Royal Rumble 2010
Summerslam 1994Wrestlemania XIV
Survivor Series 2001Royal Rumble 2011
Wrestlemania 2000Wrestlemania 23
Survivor Series 1999Royal Rumble 2013
Summerslam 1999Summerslam 2011
Royal Rumble 1999Wrestlemania X-Seven
Survivor Series 2006Royal Rumble 2013
Survivor Series 2007Royal Rumble 2013
Summerslam 1999Survivor Series 2001
Survivor Series 1990Survivor Series 1997
Summerslam 2010Royal Rumble 2013
Summerslam 2010Royal Rumble 2013
Summerslam 2001Wrestlemania X8
Survivor Series 1993Royal Rumble 2011
Survivor Series 1997Wrestlemania 2000
Survivor Series 1987Wrestlemania VII
Wrestlemania IXWrestlemania X-Seven
Survivor Series 2006Royal Rumble 2013
Wrestlemania IISummerslam 1988
Survivor Series 1989Royal Rumble 1991
Survivor Series 1999Summerslam 2004
Survivor Series 1989Wrestlemania X-Seven
Summerslam 1998Wrestlemania XXVII
Wrestlemania 2000Summerslam 2005
Survivor Series 1996Survivor Series 2006
Survivor Series 1992Wrestlemania XX
First Big 4 EventWrestler/DivaMost Recent Big 4 Event
Wrestlemania 22Survivor Series 2009
Summerslam 2003Wrestlemania XX
Royal Rumble 1991Royal Rumble 2013
Wrestlemania XIVRoyal Rumble 2001
Royal Rumble 2007Royal Rumble 2013
Wrestlemania IRoyal Rumble 1994
Royal Rumble 1994Royal Rumble 2008
Survivor Series 1990Wrestlemania XIV
Summerslam 2010Royal Rumble 2013
Royal Rumble 1995Wrestlemania XIV
Wrestlemania IIRoyal Rumble 1992
Wrestlemania IIIRoyal Rumble 2001
Wrestlemania ISummerslam 2006
Wrestlemania IWrestlemania X-Seven
Wrestlemania IRoyal Rumble 1995
Summerslam 1999Survivor Series 2001
Wrestlemania IIIWrestlemania XIV
Summerslam 2009Wrestlemania XVIII
Wrestlemania IIRoyal Rumble 1997
Survivor Series 2001Summerslam 2004
Royal Rumble 1993Wrestlemania XXVII
Summerslam 1999Summerslam 2009
Royal Rumble 1994Summerslam 1999
Survivor Series 1987Royal Rumble 2012
Wrestlemania IISurvivor Series 1997
Summerslam 1993Royal Rumble 1995
Summerslam 1989Wrestlemania XXV
Royal Rumble 2003Royal Rumble 2013
Royal Rumble 2006Survivor Series 2011
Summerslam 2010Survivor Series 2012
Royal Rumble 1993Royal Rumble 2013
Summerslam 1995Royal Rumble 2013
Summerslam 1997Summerslam 1999
Royal Rumble 1991Royal Rumble 1993
Summerslam 2008Royal Rumble 2013
Wrestlemania IIIRoyal Rumble 1993
Survivor Series 1999Wrestlemania 22
Summerslam 2007Wrestlemania XXVII
Wrestlemania IXWrestlemania XI
Royal Rumble 1989Wrestlemania X-Seven
Survivor Series 1993Royal Rumble 2008
Summerslam 1996Royal Rumble 2012
Summerslam 1996Summerslam 1998
Royal Rumble 1998Wrestlemania XVIII
Survivor Series 1988Survivor Series 1996
Summerslam 1999Wrestlemania XXVI
Survivor Series 2005 Summerslam 2010
Summerslam 2004Wrestlemania XXVII
Royal Rumble 2006Wrestlemania XXVI
Royal Rumble 2007Royal Rumble 2013
Survivor Series 2006Wrestlemania XXIV
Survivor Series 1988Royal Rumble 2002
Survivor Series 2006Survivor Series 2010
Wrestlemania IWrestlemania X-Seven
Survivor Series 1988Wrestlemania XV
Survivor Series 1987Summerslam 1991
Summerslam 1996Survivor Series 1999
Summerslam 2003Royal Rumble 2013
First Big 4 EventWrestler/DivaMost Recent Big 4 Event
Wrestlemania IIWrestlemania X
Survivor Series 1992Wrestlemania X8
Wrestlemania IIIRoyal Rumble 1990
Survivor Series 1988Royal Rumble 1993
Summerslam 2002Royal Rumble 2013
Survivor Series 1991Wrestlemania XXIV
Wrestlemania IIIRoyal Rumble 1995
Survivor Series 1987Summerslam 1990
Royal Rumble 1993Royal Rumble 1994
Wrestlemania IWrestlemania XXV
Royal Rumble 1997Royal Rumble 2012
Summerslam 2001Royal Rumble 2009
Survivor Series 1996Royal Rumble 2013
Survivor Series 2000Survivor Series 2012
Wrestlemania XIVWrestlemania XX
Summerslam 2006Wrestlemania 23
Wrestlemania VIIRoyal Rumble 1993
Royal Rumble 1994Wrestlemania XIV
Royal Rumble 1993Royal Rumble 2004
Wrestlemania XIVRoyal Rumble 2005
Survivor Series 1990Survivor Series 2006
Survivor Series 1988Wrestlemania XXVI
Survivor Series 2009Royal Rumble 2013
Royal Rumble 1992Wrestlemania 13
Summerslam 2001Survivor Series 2004
Royal Rumble 1995Wrestlemania XIV
Survivor Series 1987Wrestlemania X-Seven
Royal Rumble 1996Wrestlemania XIX
Survivor Series 1997Royal Rumble 2001
Summerslam 2001Wrestlemania XX
Wrestlemania VIRoyal Rumble 1992
Wrestlemania VIIIRoyal Rumble 2006
Royal Rumble 2000Royal Rumble 2002
Wrestlemania IVSummerslam 1993
Royal Rumble 2009Royal Rumble 2011
Survivor Series 1999Summerslam 2000
Royal Rumble 1999Royal Rumble 2007
Summerslam 1990Royal Rumble 1992
Wrestlemania IRoyal Rumble 1993
Royal Rumble 2003Wrestlemania XXV
Summerslam 1993Summerslam 1996
Summerslam 1995Summerslam 2012
Summerslam 2000Wrestlemania XXVII
Survivor Series 1988Summerslam 1989
Survivor Series 1990Wrestlemania X-Seven
Royal Rumble 1988Wrestlemania XII
Survivor Series 2002Wrestlemania XXIV
Survivor Series 1990Wrestlemania XXVIII
Royal Rumble 1996Royal Rumble 1998
Summerslam 1998Royal Rumble 2002
Royal Rumble 1999Wrestlemania XXVI
Royal Rumble 1991Royal Rumble 1994
Summerslam 2010Royal Rumble 2013
Summerslam 1988Royal Rumble 1992
Survivor Series 1998Royal Rumble 2011
Summerslam 1993Summerslam 2001
Survivor Series 1992Survivor Series 1996

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