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Can you name the Total Film's Top 50 films that were released in the UK in 2011?

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Rank Film Actor/Actress
1. Ryan Gosling
2.Sean Penn
3.Natalie Portman
4.Michelle Williams
5. Gary Oldman
6. Neil Maskell
7. Jacki Weaver
8. Peyman Moaadi
9. Kristen Wiig
10. Tilda Swinton
11. Brendan Gleeson
12.Jake Gyllenhaal
13.Jeff Bridges
14. Conor McCarron
15. Mark Wahlberg
16. Colin Firth
17.Antonio Banderas
18. Peter Mullan
19.Elle Fanning
20. Michael Shannon
21.** Alain Prost
22. Jean Dujardin
23. Asa Butterfield
24. Craig Roberts
25. Lucas Pittaway
Rank Film Actor/Actress
26. Daniel Radcliffe
27. James Franco
28. Kirsten Dunst
29.John Lithgow
30.Jodie Whittaker
31. Brad Pitt
32.*Jamie Bell (Voice)
33.Chris Hemsworth
34.*Mirai Shida (Voice)
35.**Ameena Matthews
36. James McAvoy
37. Bruce Greenwood
38.Matt Damon
39. Tom Hardy
40. Grigoriy Dobrygin
41. Steve Carell
42. Kôji Yakusho
43. George Clooney
44.Viola Davis
45.Joseph Gordon-Levitt
46.Tom Cullen
47.**Bob Angelini
48. Vincent Gallo
49. Matthew McConaughey
50.Daniel Craig

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