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Can you name the Director by the names of three characters from different films they have directed?

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George Bailey, Jefferson Smith, Ellie Andrews
William James, Angelo Pappas, Lenny Nero
Diana Christensen, Frank Galvin, Sonny Wortzik
Isak Jacobi, Marianne Borg, Antonious Block
Virgil Malloy, Buddy Bragg, Erin Mears
Ethan Edwards, Angharad Morgan, Clementine Carter
Claire Standish, Neal Page, Sloane Peterson
Harry Burns, David St. Hubbins, Alison Bradbury
Julie De Courcy, Dominique Vidal, Valentine Dusot
Phyllis Dietrichson, Sugar Kane, Fran Kubelik
Randy Robinson, Sara Goldfarb, Nina Sayers
Louise Sawyer, Matt Eversmann, Frank Lucas
Herman Blume, Jane Winslett-Richardson, Henry Sherman,
Dr. Allen Grant, Victor Narvosky, Roy Neary
Hans Backert, Joan Graham, Joh Fredersen
Christine Collins, Maggie Fitzgerald, Evelyn Draper
Nina Cruz, Robert Ledgard, Lydia Gonz√°lez
Edward Welsh, Kit Carruthers, John Rolfe
Annie Reed, Kathleen Kelly, Dorothy Winters
Holly Golightly, George Webber, Victoria Grant
Constance Trentham, Griffin Mill, Connie White
Fanny Brice, Joe Bradley, Fred Derry
Allison Scott, George Simmons, Andy Stitzer
Marcello Rubini, Guido Anselmi, Cabiria Ceccarelli
Kit Keller, Josh Baskin, Terry Doolittle
Leonard Shelby, Robert Angier, Dom Cobb
Lila Crane, Guy HIaines, Scottie Ferguson
Kuwabatake Sanjuro, Kambei Shimada, Detective Murakami
Mark Renton, Salim Malik, Celine Naville
Harry Kaul, Charlie Bodell, Benjamin L Willard
Jimmy Rabbitte, Billy Hayes, Rupert Anderson
Sam Witwicky, A. J. Frost, Evelyn Johnson
Michel Poiccard, Ferdinand Griffon, Paula Nelson
Jerry Lundegaard, Donovan Donaly, Ed McDunnough
Isaac Davis, Gil Pender, Alvy Singer
Joan Wilder, Eddie Valiant, Chuck Noland
Yu Shu Lien, Wendy Hood, Jack Twist
Ilsa Lund, Jerry Golding, Veda Pierce
Harold Zidler, Kylie Hastings, Lady Sarah Ashley
Dr. Alec Harvey, Adela Quested, Lara Antipova
Jake Gittes, Rosemary Woodhouse, Adam Lang
Donnie Smith, Barry Egan, Jack Horner
Regan MacNeil, Buddy Ruso, L.T. Bonham
Johnny Friendly, Cal Trask, Philip Schuyler Green
Noodles Aaronson, Angel Eyes, Juan Miranda
Tracy Flick, Miles Raymond, Roberta Hertzel
Lux Lisbon, Johnny Marco, Bob Harris
Anna Cameron, Elaine Robinson, Tess McGill
Marsha Dale, Peg Boggs, Lydia Deetz
Bethany Stone, Gertie Trinké, T.S. Quint

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