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Can you name the Star Fox 64 characters from their less memorable lines?

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Let's see how you handle our new ships.
Too bad, little man.
Things are starting to heat up!
There's not much time left, hurry!
Do you copy? Emergency maneuvers!
They're not taking me seriously.
Don't get so down, Fox.
Two words: lo-ser.
The view is clear.
Great, now let's get back to the game.
You're in my sight. You're going down!
It's all coming down to this.
I got tagged. My ears are still ringing.
I'm not afraid of you!
What's wrong? Is that it?
You're more cunning than I thought.
Get outta my way!
Space mines ahead.
You've become quite a pilot.
I'll teach ye some respect.
Let's sneak in low and surprise them.
Deploy all units. Charge!
These guys are crazy!
Will you help 'em out?
You're too slow, time to end this!
Don't get too excited, here we go!
You're not as tough as I thought.
I see the fuel bunker on the right side!
So this is the secret weapon!
To barrel roll press Z or R twice!

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