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it seems today tht all you see is violence ..... movies and sex on tv
Brian tells Stewie the incorrect rules to this game in order to be able to call him 'gay'.
the eldest griffin son
'ba ba ba bird bird bird bird is the .... '
Hate group that Peter mistakes for ghosts.
the town where the grifins live
the fast talking channel 5 news presenter
the stuff that comes out of your mouth that brian likes to eat
peter's daughter
peter's wife
intelligent dog
the female news presenter first name
the main character
Item Peter orders from a comic book
the mayor of where the griffins live
What Brian asks Stewie for when Joe arrives to administer a drug test.
the male news presenter's first name
MP3 Player Carter Pewterschmidt pretends to have when playing a joke on Bill Gates.
quagmire's first name
the weelchair user policeman
the ...... monkey in the closet
mort goldman's son
the channel where family guy i often shown
the barman at the drunken clam
the name of the street where the griffins live
stewies stuffed bear

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