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PhraseMissing Word
My grandmother came from ______
A satchel on her ____,
My grandfather had his father's ___
He brought from _____.
They'd _____ about a country
Where life might let them ___,
They paid the ____ to America
And there they ______ in.
Lovely Lady _______
With her ____ of recipes
And the ______ one she's got
Is the _____ American melting pot.
The great American _______ pot.
America was founded by the _______
But also by the Germans, Dutch, and ______
The _______ still sticks;
Our ________ is mixed.
So any kid could be the _________
You simply ____ right in,
PhraseMissing Word
It doesn't ______ what your skin.
It doesn't matter where you're ____,
Or your _______, you jump right in
To the great American melting ___.
___ great American melting pot.
Ooh, what a ____, red, white, and blue.
America was the ___ _____
And ______ was the Old.
_______ was the land of hope,
Or so the legend ____
On __________ by the millions,
In search of honest ___,
Those 19th-century immigrants ______
To reach the ___
______ Lady Liberty
With her book of _______
And the finest ___ she's got
__ the great American melting pot
The great ________ melting pot.
PhraseMissing Word
What good ___________,
Liberty and __________.
They brought their country's _______,
Their ________ and their ways.
They filled the factories, ______ the soil,
Helped _____ the U.S.A.
Go on and ask your _______,
Hear what she has to ____
___ great to be an American
And something ____ as well.
Lovely ____ Liberty
With ___ book of recipes
And the finest one she's ___
Is ___ great American melting pot
The great ________ melting pot.
The great American _______ pot.
The great American melting ___
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