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Can you name the words starting with Fo?

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(Number of Letters) HintWord
(4) Birds
(5) Pad of Paper
(9) Shoes Leave These
(3) Weather Type
(7) Type of Sock
(8) Definition at the bottom of a text
(6) ______ the leader
(7) Predict The Future
(4) Paper Crease
(7) Infinity/Never Ends
(7) Loud Sound
(3) ___ and the Hound
(4) Not a Spoon or Knife
(7) Nature/Trees
(9) Not allowed
(4) Shelter Used For Protection
(7) Silly or Childish
(7) _______ and Forget
(4) Microsoft Word Formatting
(4) People or a Type of Music
(Number of Letters) HintWord
(4) Shaving Cream Texture
(6) May Be On a School Supply List
(4) Soda Can Material
(8) Weather Prediction
(6) Cheese or Chocolate Dips
(7) Quadratic _____
(6) Dinosaurs Left These
(4) Lunch and Dinner
(6) Take Care of
(6) Animal Feed
(8) _____ of Youth
(5) Camera Feature
(7) Videotape
(7) Surrender
(6) Suit and Tie or Dress
(3) Preposition
(7) Not Native
(3) Friend or ___?
(8) Popular American Sport
(4) Baby Horse

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