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PhraseMissing Word
Now, the ____ of Paul Revere
Set the ______ on its ear,
And the shot at _________ heard 'round the world,
When the British fired in the early ____
The War of ____________ had begun
The die was cast, the _____ flag unfurled.
And on to _______ marched the foe
To seize the arsenal there you ____,
Waking _____ searching all around
Till our militia stopped them in their ______,
At the old North ______ we turned them back
And chased those ________ back to Boston town.
And the shot heard 'round the _____
Was the _____ of the Revolution.
The Minute Men were ready, on the ____.
Take your ______, and take your gun
Report to _______ Washington.
Hurry men, there's not an ____ to lose!
Now, at _______ Bunker Hill,
Even though we lost, it was _____ a thrill,
The rebel Colonel ________ proved he was wise;
Outnumbered and low on __________
As the British stormed his ________
He said, 'Hold your fire till you see the ______ of their eyes!'
Though the next few _____ were rough,
General Washington's men proved they were _____,
Those hungry, ______ boys would not be beat.
One night they crossed the ________,
PhraseMissing Word
Surprised the Hessians in their ____,
And at Valley Forge they just bundled up their ____!
And the shot _____ 'round the world
Was the start of the __________.
The ______ Men were ready, on the move.
Take your _______, and take your son.
Report to General __________.
We've got our rights and now it's time to _____.
Well, they showed such _____________
That they ___ the admiration
Of countries across the sea like ______ and Spain,
Who loaned the colonies _____ and guns
And put the ______ on the run
And the Continental Army on its feet _____.
And though they lost some _______ too,
The Americans swore they'd see it _______.
Their raiding parties kept up, ___ and run.
At ________ the British could not retreat,
Bottled up by Washington and the ______ Fleet,
__________ surrendered and finally we had won!
____ the shot heard 'round the world
To the ___ of the Revolution
The ___________ rabble took the day
And the ______ of our country
____ the British there at Yorktown
And brought _______ to you and me and the U.S.A.!
God bless America, Let Freedom ____!

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