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Opposite of Greenland
Kim Jong Un currently rules this country
South American country that doesn't border Brazil
Revolted from United Kingdom in 1776
Borders the largest country in Europe
Borders the largest country in Asia
Only Carribean nation to border from the West
Started WWII
Combination of countries to make a single nation
Saddam Hussein led this nation
They like hockey and maple syrup
Poorest nation on the planet (per capita)
Richest nation on the planet (per capita)
'Glory to Mother _______!'
The pope loves this place
Dem' pacifists
Beethoven called this country home
Cote D'Ivoire's name is in this country's language
The highest population of Buddhists is in this country
Largest country in the Sahara
This country is the 'S' in BRICS
Has the same name as a US state, the capital of this state is Atlanta

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