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Can you name the Very Obscure Disney Characters?

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The name of Cinderella's horse
The friendly mouse in Aristocats
The critic whom Remy first serves sweemeat a la Gusteau in Ratatouille
Name one of the three rabbit children from Robin Hood
What is the name of Tiana's Mother
The name of Jafar's head guard in Aladdin
The bulldog's name/rank in Up
The sinister asylum warden from Beauty and the Beast
The river centaur who is messing with Meg in Hercules
The chimney sweep lizard from Alice in Wonderland
Hopper's 'pet' grasshopper in A Bug's Life
Name one of Pacha's children from the Emperor's New Groove
Bambi's rival for Faline
The goanna in the Rescuer's Down Under
Mama Odie's pet snake
Name either Simba or Nala's mothers from the Lion King
The Powhatan shaman in Pocahontas

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