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Can you name the musical based on the provided haiku?

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Many people tried / But there can be only eight / Dancing for a job
Stole a loaf of bread / Students start a rebellion / Everybody dies
Lots of prejudice / Must integrate dancing show / Here in Baltimore
Pregnant woman bakes / And is trapped in her marriage / She cheats with her Doc
Papes cost more money / Let's print our own newspaper / Children unionize
Men in the Bard's day / Start to write a musical / About omelettes
Secret vocal coach / Happens to be disfigured / Falling chandelier
Poor girl meets rich men / And they teach her how to speak / So she can have class
Woman murders ex / Uses it as her big break / Declared innocent
Founding fathers sing / And debate independence / New nation is born
A rebellious nun / Leaves to become governess / Then the Nazis come
Be more serious / Go to Harvard on a whim / Do the bend and snap
Save money on meat / And take care of enemies / Pies with a surprise
Somewhere that is green / Oh God that is too much green / It wants to eat us
Teaching fifteen kids / And falling for their father / He has many wives
East German rock band / Has trans woman lead singer / Show is a concert
Princess long thought dead / Revolution has replaced / The old monarchy
Shoes cannot support / This fabulous British Queen / Can't be burgundy
Faking teen suicides / Heather, Heather, and Heather / Don't blow up the school
Ultimate stage mom / Wants her children to succeed / No matter the cost
Baker and his wife / Desperately want a child / Must reverse the curse
Man tells audience / About the best musical / Except the spit-takes

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