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A type of game in which black receives less time on the clock but wins with a draw (often used for tiebreaks)A
A form of speed chess, where each side receives between 2 and 10 minutesB
A single move where the king and rook both moveC
The result of a game where neither side winsD
The type of rating system used by most federationsE
Acronym for the world chess federationF
The highest title awarded to playersG
An opening system geared towards controlling the center with distant pieces as opposed to occupying it with pawnsH
The second highest title awarded to playersI
What players say when adjusting a piece without intending to move itJ
The name of the horse-shaped pieceK
A fundamental winning position in rook and pawn vs. rook endgamesL
A game where one side wins in very few moves (typically less than 25)M
A new move played in an otherwise standard openingN
An international team competition that occurs every two years in which players represent their countriesO
Each player starts with eight of these, considered the weakest pieces in the gameP
In general, the strongest piece in the gameQ
The name of the tower-shaped piece that starts in the corner of the boardR
A situation in which the player to move is not in check and has no legal moveS
A term to describe different sequences of moves that result in the same positionT
Promoting to something other than the strongest pieceU
Chess-like games that use different rules, such as loser's chess, Fischer random, and bughouseV
The side that moves firstW
Another name for skewer attack, in which a piece being attacked must move to allow another piece behind it to be capturedX
Named after the country whose players first championed this variation, the most aggressive line for attacking the Dragon Variation of the Sicilian DefenseY
A situation in which the player to move would be better off if they could 'pass'; any move they make worsens their positionZ

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