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what is the color of the ribbon that Katniss buys for lady, Prims goat
what time does the reaping start
what does katniss tell peeta that she sold to get Prims goat so as not to give away the fact that she hunts
what is the first thing that katniss and peeta do in the training center
what color is flavius's lipstick
name one thing that katniss finds in her orange backpack besides the sleeping bag and water bottle
what is the first tree that katniss climbs
how many tributes are left when rue dies
what is the last hallucination that katniss sees before she blacks out
on the day of the reaping what do gale and katniss get in the woods
what color is venias hair
what does katniss call the berries that she mixes with the sleep syrup
what color is the moth that lands on katniss's wrist after she gets back from the feast
what is the last sentence katniss says to peeta that earns them the lamb stew
what is the drink that katniss is served on the hovercraft leaving the arena

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