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Plays with Primus along with the Frog Brigade.
Plays with King's X.
Plays with Megadeth. Well known songs include 'Holy Wars' and 'Peace Sells.'
Well known studio bassist who played for many groups including Marvin Gaye along with the Temptations.
Plays with Rush. Well known songs include 'Working Man' and '2112'.
Bassist for the Beatles.
Current Metallica bassist. Also plays with Infectious Grooves.
Played with Sly and the Family Stone along with Graham Central Station. Invented slap bass style.
Known for fretless 'bass of doom.' Played with Weather Report along with solo material.
Solo bassist known for double thumb technique and songs such as 'Classical Thump' and 'Me and my bass guitar.'
Solo bassist along with Return to Forever. Well know songs include 'School Days' and 'Silly Putty'.
Bassist for KISS. Known for makeup and long tongue.
Led Zeppelin bassist.
Bassist for Slayer. Well known songs include 'Seasons in the Abyss' and 'Angel of Death'.
Bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Played with the Clash. Well known songs include 'Rock the Casbah' and 'London Calling'.
Plays with Motorhead.
Plays with Iron Maiden.
Bassist for Parliament-Funkadelic.
Bassist for Nirvana.

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