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outer membrane of bone
cheek bone
collar bone
thigh bone
wrist bones
heel bone
bone building cells
type of synovial joint at the elbow
type of joint found between successive vertebrae
most flexible type of cartilage
type of connective tissue that connects muscle to bone
matrix of mature compact bone is composed of what?
type of bone marrow that stores fat
part of skeleton that excludes limbs
cavity that surrounds an osteocyte
fluid found between bones of a freely movable joint
name the vertebrae found in the chest region
how many thoracic vertebrae are there?
number of pair of true ribs
cell membrane of a skeletal muscle cell
contractile unit in skeletal muscle
thin protein filament found in skeletal muscle
cross-bridges in skeletal muscle are attached to these filaments
type of muscle with splindle shaped cells and 1 nucleus
type of muscle with elongated multinucleated cells
neurotransmitter released at the neuromuscular junction
voluntary muscle
movement at a joint that increases the joint angle
ion released within skeletal muscle cell to initiate contraction
place of attachment of a muscle on the stationary bone in a joint
part of the brain involved with balance and motor coordination
lobe of cerebrum responsible for interpreting what we see
part of the brain that helps to maintain homeostasis
part of the brain that controls breathing and heartbeat
section of the brain made up of the hypothalamus and thalamus
cells in the PNS that produce the myelin sheath
part of the PNS that is under our conscious control
type of neuron which transmits messages away from CNS
ion which leaves the neuron during repolariztion
type of neuron found within CNS connecting sensory and motor neurons
the 2 divisions of the ANS
primary neurotransmitter of the sympathetic division of the ANS
gap between 2 neurons
the CNS is protected by 3 membranes known collectively as...?
which root of a spinal nerve contains motor fibers?
in the reflex arc the muscle or organ causing the response is known as ...?
number of pair of cranial nerves
thin outer layer of cerebrum, composed of gray matter
lobe of cerebrum which sends voluntary commands to skeletal muscles
gland which releases thyroxine and calcitonin
pituitary hormone which regulates the amount of water in urine
hormone which raises blood calcium levels
hormone which lowers blood calcium levels
hormone which raises blood sugar levels
hormone which lowers blood sugar levels
hormone which stimulates metabolism
hormones released during periods of short term stress
another name for hormones released during periods of short term stress
cells in the pancreas that produce hormones
gland which produces the corticoids
gland which has both an endocrine and exocrine portion
type of gland which secretes its products directly into the blood
chemical messenger produced by an endocrine gland
hormone which stimulates the testes to release testosterone
hormone which stimulates the development of the corpus luteum
hormone which stimulates the follicle in the ovary to mature
hormone that maintains the thickened endometrium
name of the first cell formed from the union of sperm and egg
hollow ball of cells which arises from the zygote and implants in the wall of the uterus
outer germ layer of the early embryo
organ of exchange between fetus and mother
fringes on the ends of the fallopian tubes
male accessory gland tht produces a fluid containing fructose
part of the testes where sperm are produced
cells in testes that nourish and protect developing sperm
top part of uterus where implantation usually occurs
hormone which increases the strength of uterine contractions during childbirth
part of uters which joins to vagina
the follicular phase of the ovarian cycle begins with the release of this hormone
first site of red blood cell production in the human embyro
a group of cells in the ovary surrounding the ovum
tube carrying sperm from the epididymis to the ejaculatory duct
diploid cell formed by union of sperm and egg
name of artey entering kidney
blood vessel leading away from the glomerulus in the nephron
tube connecting kidney to bladder
one metabolic waster found in urine
outer section of the kidney
part of the kidney which is a cavity that is continuous with the ureter
triangular shaped structures found in the renal medulla
functional unit of the kindey
first step in the formation of urine
one substance not normally found in filtrate
does the hormone ADH cause the tubules of the nephron to reabsorb more or less water?
hormone produced by the kidney that stimulates red blood cell production
vitamin that is activated by the kidney
name of the substance that moves from the glomerulus into the glomerular capsule
True or False: glomerular filtration is passive
True or False: tubular reabsorption is non-selective
True or False: the last surge in urine formation is tubular secretion
True or False: most of the water in filtrate is reabsorbed into the blood as the filtrate moves through the tubules

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