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HintAnswerNothing but net.
Eddy Curry has a championship with what NBA team?
Adam Morrison was the third overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft. He played for Bobcats and Lakers in the NBA. In Europe, he played in Serbia and in which other country? Help: AI. He played in Besiktas, same team Iverson played for.
Who was the first overall pick in the 1991 NBA Draft?
New Jersey Nets retired number #52. Which player wore that number during his time in New Jersey?
Who was the first foreign player to win ''NBA Most Improved Player Award''? (Last name only)
Goran Dragic is a Slovenian guard who plays for Miami Heat. His brother played for Suns and Heat.What is the name of the other Dragic?He now plays in Italy.
Mychal Thompson was the first foreign player to be picked first. Thompson was born in which country? Also, he is the father of Klay Thompson.Drafted in 1978., played for Blazers, Spurs and Lakers in the league.
If you know Jesus is in it , Denzel Washington and it's about a top basketball prospect in the country, you know the name of this movie. It is ..?
Joe Johnson was drafted in 2001. by which team?Selected 10th, since then he played for Suns, Hawks, Nets, Heat and Jazz.
HintAnswerNothing but net.
Other than Darko Milicic, which other European player won the championship with Detroit Pistons in 2004.?Currently an assistant coach of Phoenix Suns.
This guy lead the league in blocks in 2005. He played only 41 games that season, impressive. Who are we talking about? P.S. He won bronze at London Olympics.He got injured against Wizards, thus missing the half of the season.
Their only retired jersey is number 6, in honor of the fans. They are in the league since 1989. They are ..?
Who won 'Coach of the Year' in 2004.? He won it in 1978, as well. 26 years apart from the second one.
Which current NBA player was drafted as 55th in the 2009 NBA draft by Trailblazers? He is a champion*.Won the title in 2014.
Since 1984, they are known as LA Clippers. But from period of 1970-1978, they were known as..?They were stationed in San Diego from 1978 - 1984.
Only two Bulls player won the ''6th man of the year''award. Ben Gordon in 2005 and one guy earlier. Who?He is one of the greatest European basketball players. One of the most versitle players the league had ever seen.
I played for Hornets (Bobcats), Heat, Nets and Heat again. I have a championship. I was drafted after Shaq. I am?
What's the name of the only college player in the 1992 DREAM TEAM?Yup, picked third in 1992.

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