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Can you name the fruits and vegetables by their alternate definitions?

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DefinitionFruit or Vegetable
Gas stations from the same family
An alright response to the opening of 'Bad Romance'
Hanks visits the headquarters of Oprah's magazine
Star Trek's Eric slangily responds with a no
A combination chicken coop/ nuclear power production site
Twist around the star of Homer's Iliad, for short
The masterpiece lodges in my throat
An iPhone program and its French article
One phosphorous per person
The Belgian capital pops out of the ground
DefinitionFruit or Vegetable
A baby hen inside a pod
Gangrene on an automobile
Tom Sawyer's BFF
The circulatory fluid shifts one space over on the color wheel?
Cutting a stroke off the hole's goal score
A stable staple replaces half of Frankenstein's favorite breakfast item
A crazed chocolate fan with questionable spelling skills
A stereotypical French-Jamaican counterculturist's enemy
A woodland car freshener made specially for the creators of the iPod
Mister, get out of here.

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