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Main character
His wife
Next door neighbour
Vietnam Vet
His wife
He goes missing
His dog
Strange neighbour (the youngest)
Strange neighbour (is a doctor)
Strange neighbour (old and angry)
Cool kid in the street
The street they live on
The suburb they live in
Who 'dug it up from under the fence'?
The guys run away from the Klopecks house because of what?
'Another neighbour?' 'Yes...
The boys pretend to play this when they are actually spying
'Green sky at morning...
'Green sky at night?
Who murdered his whole family over on Elm?
How did he do it?
How do the boys blow up the house?
'Hey Ricky, get this _____ out of your yard'
'Hey Mrs Rumsfield ___ ___ ___, looks nice'
Who did the Klopecks take the house from?
'Good solid walls', '___ ___ ___'
What did the note slipped under the door say?
'As soon as they're gone, I'm going over that fence..
Corey Feldman says the last line of the movie...

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