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Who has no tattoos?
Who is the smallest in the band?
Who has a tattoo of four arrows on his ulna/forearm
Who played a charity football match for Doncaster?
Who's grandparents died in the 'Story of my Life' music video?
Who is the youngest in the band?
Who has a tattoo of a skull on his right shoulder?
Who has a butterfly tattoo on his chest/stomach area?
Who is engaged to Perrie from Little Mix?
Who's catchphrase is 'Vas Happening'?
Who is daddy direction?
Who plays the guitar?
Who wears braces in the 'Story of my Life' music video?
Who has dated Taylor Swift?
Who was born on Christmas Eve?
Who failed his first time on the X Factor at Judges House?
Who is scared of spoons?
Who makes it a British/Irish boyband?
Who loves to eat, especially at Nandos?
Who is the oldest in the band?

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