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ClueCountryAverage Wage
Sounds like a European 'Cyborg' 49,663
This one should be obvious49,483
Neutral Banking45,620
Land of Iron44,013
Isn't this where Peter Pan lives?43,086
U OK, so far? 42,486
Country or Continent? 42,018
Chocolate 40,591
You got this far? NO WAY!40,742
Germany's hat39,777
So this is where the T-800 was built...38,682
Father of West Africa35,430
ClueCountryAverage Wage
Germs Galore! 35,292
Remained neutral in WW234,186
Rising Sun31,773
This place would be more fun if you replaced the 'I' with a 'U'31,211
I'll make you a clue you cant refuse29,198
My flatmate upstairs sucks 27,587
I'm never inviting my next door neighbour again...20,106
Siamese twin - post surgery 18,922
Port of Girls18,300

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