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Can you name the Metal Artists from their Causes of Death?

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Cause of Death/YearArtistBand
Ruptured Aorta/2012Diamond Head
Heart Failure/2011AxCx
Stomach cancer/2010[Name]
Drug Overdose/2009Avenged Sevenfold
Drug Overdose/2006Cradle of Filth
Hurricane Katrina/2005Soilent Green
Shot onstage at the Alrosa Villa/2004Pantera, Damageplan
Heart Failure/2002Motörhead
Cause of Death/YearArtistBand
Liver Failure/1999Megadeth
Suicide (hanging)/1996Gwar
Stabbed 27 times by Varg Vilkernes/1993Mayhem, Burzum
Drug Overdose/1991Def Leppard
Tour bus crash/1986Metallica
Heart Attack/1985Manowar
Plane Crash/1982Ozzy Osbourne
Drug Overdose/1976Deep Purple

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